︎ Amy Lim ︎
Art Director n Artist
based in NYC


The Problem:
MoonPie was the snack left behind. It felt a little out-of-touch with reality, so we propelled it forward into the future. 

The Insight:
MoonPie is the obscure road trip snack that travels with you, everywhere you go.

The Idea:
Tasting a MoonPie is the key to an alternate dimension filled with chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow goodness.

AD: Amy Lim
CW: Cate Salony


hi, hello, welcome!! I’m Amy Lim ︎
Very excited to have you here!! I hope you’re doing well in this weird loopy time.

Every page of this website is something I am proud to put into the world, but between you n me ... my favorite page is Ugly Desserts.

Stay safe, stay healthy ︎