︎ Amy Lim ︎
Art Director n Artist
based in NYC

Corona x Athlete Ally 

Team Karaoke

The Concept:
Karaoke is a team sport. You can go up there alone, but it’s always more fun with more people. In partnershp with Athlete Ally, Corona hosted Corona Karaoke events all over the nation, putting a fun competitive team sport spin on traditional karaoke.

Corona donated to Athlete Ally in every market, leveraging this program to amplify and raise awareness for Athlete Ally: a non-profit advocating for LGBTQ+ athletes to create a more inclusive, welcoming environment for equality for all.

My Responsibilities:
Concepted the overall idea of “Team Karaoke” with the creative team. Developed visuals including iconography, graphics, point-of-sale designs, microsite interaction, merch design and more. 

Toured Cities:
New York City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta

VPCD: Nick Vidovich
CD: Brian Koenigsberg 
ACD: Sasha Zaitsev  
AD: Amy Lim



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