︎ Amy Lim ︎
Art Director n Artist
based in NYC


The Product: 
Grailed is an online resale marketplace specializing in menswear and luxury fashion.
The Problem + Insight: Mystery surrounds the Grailed brand. It embodies so many visions, styles and categories of fashion, making it hard to comprehend all at once. It’s origins, purpose and deep-rooted community make it heard to pin down. Being a Grailed user feels bigger than the typical online shopping experience - enter the Grailed Secret Society.
The Idea:
The Grailed Secret Society acts as a way to educate the regular member in a captivating way through an accessible community that is tracked through a hidden website. By balancing exclusivity and obtainability, the mystic that surrounds the brand is the driving force that attracts new and ongoing customers to join the society for themselves. 
AD/CW: Amy Lim
AD/CW: Megan Little


hi, hello, welcome!! I’m Amy Lim ︎
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