︎ Amy Lim ︎
Art Director n Artist
based in NYC

Designs, Doodles, Type, Etc. 

digital transcripts of my brain


Design Practice: Artist ReDesign
Shura is a English artist who creates melancholic electropop and synthpop tunes about being a lesbian pop artist. Her latest album “forevher,’ is full of “missed opportunity, regret, and nostaglia,” so through sentimental social media posts and colorfully composed wildposting, this redesign aims to connect your home with hers. In your neighbourhood, forevher, Shura.

Little snippets of my life that I treasure to this day.


hi, hello, welcome!! I’m Amy Lim ︎
Very excited to have you here!! I hope you’re doing well in this weird loopy time.

Every page of this website is something I am proud to put into the world, but between you n me ... my favorite page is Ugly Desserts.

Stay safe, stay healthy ︎