︎ Amy Lim ︎
Art Director n Artist
based in NYC


Name: Amy Lim
Pronouns: She/Her
Watching: The Wind Rises (doing a Studio Ghibli marathon) 
Listening: Renaissance, Beyoncé 
Eating: Coffee Ice Cream and Tteokbokki <3

The Collage of ~Amy~ (’Exceptional Visonary’ paragraph courtsey of my astrology app)

About Me        

tldr; I like making, learning, thinking about new things in n out of this world. but also my personal motto is don’t think, just do ︎

As a person who graduated with a B.S. Advertising degree under the Texas Creative portfolio program at UT Austin, I gave myself the title “Art Director” and simply ran with it.

My mind is constantly racing; always thinking about what’s happening around the world and trying to solve every problem with an unconventional creative solution.

I gravitate towards purposeful topics grounded in modern culture and community to bridge them with my innate and instinctive love of all things art. I learn best through firsthand experiences, collaborating and hearing various perspectives that each person has to offer. 

In my spare time, you can catch me eating all the ugly desserts I create, accidentally staining my carpet with oil paint, researching what tattoos to stamp on my arms and listening to the Music for Plants playlist on Spotify all day long. ︎

Happy to talk about new opportunities or just a quick chat in general - limamy21@gmail.com ︎

hi, hello, welcome!! I’m Amy Lim ︎
Very excited to have you here!! I hope you’re doing well in this weird loopy time.

Every page of this website is something I am proud to put into the world, but between you n me ... my favorite page is Ugly Desserts.

Stay safe, stay healthy ︎